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Truckload & Flatbed

Simply put, our dedicated FTL trucks move shipments from one point to another all day, every day.

FTL shipments fill most to all of an entire truck load and tend to be much larger, often weighing 20,000 pounds or more and fill our 48 to 53 feet long trailers.

Lower cost for high-volume destinations.

Since full truckload shipments are only traveling to one destination, fewer stops translate into faster delivery.

Require specialized equipment to transport?

Shipping High-volume or high-weight freight?

Looking for a faster Delivery?

Shipping to a high-volume destination?

Your choice for large loads

Our flatbed trucks are versatile and constructed to handle large loads.

Flatbed Services

We have the experience to determine how to move heavier weights shipments that might be too much for regular trailers or other vehicles.

What are the advantages of a flatbed truck?

Flexible in size

high volume or large items

fewer trips back and forth

3CS’s customer satisfaction is outstanding and they are always willing to help the customer. They have competitive pricing, and do a great job of collaborating with us on the carrier and mix as well as tariff needs.