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Our partner, Cimino Box and Pallet, is one of the nation’s largest pallet recycling mills.

Just one of the many advantages of working with 3CS is our pallet / sister company; Cimino Box and Pallet. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the pallet industry and have one of the largest independent pallet recycling mills in NE Ohio. We go against the grain of the corporate feel and setting that so much of our competition has been absorbed into. 

Direct Communication

Unlike our competitors we still believe in a handshake deal and the ability to reach one of our owning partners via a simple phone call or email.

As a locally owned and operated company that also operates nationally, we especially enjoy working with clients in the NE Ohio area.

Pallet Solutions

3CS both buys and sells all sized pallets but primarily deal in 48×40 GMA’s ((Grocery Manufacturers Association).  We are known locally to pay absolute top dollar for used pallets so long as it meets the minimum volume required to pick up from your location.  We sell our recycled pallets at market competitive rates and regularly carry AAA, A, and B pallets.  WE also offer solutions to complex problems such as coordinating the return of your CHEP or PECO pallets.  In some cases we can even offer to stage one of our many trailers at your facility’s location for the return of used pallets, or to switch out with our recycled finished product.  

While we specialize in 48×40 GMA pallets unlike many of the other mills that exclusively deal in GMA’s (48×40), we also carry odd sized pallets and in some cases even custom build pallets. Our ability to both pick up, and ship large and small pallet orders sets us apart from the competition.  And we even though we are known to beat the purchase price of used pallets by a dollar per or more, we do not separate ourselves solely on price alone.  

We have excellent communication with all our customers and believe that no client is ever too small.  

Simply put, Cimino Box and Pallet is one of the most reputable pallet mills in the area. They have a sterling reputation and their legacy is nearly unmatched.

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No scenario or question is too complex or simple for us to try and handle when it comes to your pallet supply chain.