3CS Transport’s Mission Statement

Our business model is in our name… 3CS - Consulting, Cost-Cutting and Streamlining the transportation needs of our clients.


It is our belief that the first and only step with any new client is to begin with a consultative approach. We firmly believe no two customers are alike, and in that spirit no two customers will ever have the same identical needs within their supply chain. Factors such as lead time, product development and packaging, and delivery requirements are just a few of the components that make up this area. It is our goal to empower each and every client with the ability to better manage this critical arm of their business.


There is little question that this is an area every business looks to take control of and manage; while it is perhaps the most important, it is also the easiest and most attainable. The key is to eliminate needless costs without comprising the overall value and integrity of your company’s product. 3CS offers to not only eliminate these unnecessary expenditures but actually strengthen your overall operation while opening up additional cash flow. We are able to achieve this through a variety of techniques including but not limited to transportation negotiations, rating software integration, freight audit and bill pay and proficiency in product packaging.


What brings this altogether is the streamlining of the aforementioned knowledge, industry tools and guidance. Whether that is providing state of the art patented software to integrate shipping tools or providing programs and support that allows your business to manage their own, we ensure your supply chain is running at the highest level of cohesion.
3CS feels passionately that a lasting partnership with your company is vital for success. However we also feel just as strongly that we implement these various strategies and techniques for you to control. We are adamant in letting you decide in what areas and to what extent you would like our guidance, resources and expertise. It is this philosophy that has enabled 3CSTransport to create and maintain some of the strongest partnerships in the industry.